5 Things That Have The Greatest Influence On Your Economy

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I am subscribed to get newsletter from a Swedish website called www.balansekonomi.se. If you translate that it becomes Balance Economy.

Here are some interesting fact about what to focus on if you want to get a richer life, written by a man by the name Charlie Söderberg:

The five things that you can influence and also make the most difference
to if you will be richer or poorer in 10 years than you are today:

1. The First difference is knowledge.

Few people can have missed the fact that we are in an economic recession while the economy and the job market is changing faster than ever. It is most likely to assume that the economy has a number of bumpy year ahead.

Anyone who chooses to believe that a good job today means you don’t have to worry about money in the future expose themselves to unnecessary risks. This is because you are dependent on a single revenue stream.

Those who instead choose to learn more about how money really works and understand the value of creating cash flows from several sources are safer if and when one of the revenue streams dry up.

2. The second difference is attitude.

Undeniably, we are drawn to things that are inspiring and fun. Those who choose to believe that we ourselves can’t influence what we think is inspiring or funny should hope that just what they think is funny happens to be important in the future. Anyone who understands that we choose our attitude can make any area to be ​​fun.

If you want more money you choose an attitude that makes it fun to get involved with money, you want to have better health, choose an attitude that makes diet and exercise fun and so on. For many, perhaps the first step is to change their attitude to their own attitude.

3. The third difference is definitely goals
If you don’t know where you are going. How can you expect to get there?
– Basil S. Walsh

A crucial factor for you whether you in ten years have richer life than today is that you actually know what specifically would make your life richer. Those who make their decisions based on how it looks today, rather than on how you want it to look like in the future, are at imminent risk of ending up in the future rather than to arrive in it.

The person who is richer in ten years is the one that today has a clear, practical and inspiring view of their future. An image that you then promise yourself to fully achieve and that can serve as a guide for the daily decisions.

4. The fourth and perhaps more hidden difference is what we call ”structure”

What creates a richer life is not extraordinary point effort without a daily flow of small differences in actions and decisions.

When it comes to daily operations, we have a strong tendency to do what is natural for us to do and not to do what is not natural for us to do. This means that anyone who has a pinball machine in the living room plays a lot of pinball while the person who has an extensive library reads more books.

The person who is richer in ten years is the one that makes it easy in life to have good habits for both economy and other things.

5. The fifth and last on the list is perhaps the most crucial difference – team

Nothing can lift ourselves as the people we have around us. Those who believes that their future is only about what they do themselves becomes lonely but not strong.

The person who is humble enough to see that the environment constantly have significant impact on one’s life can over time build a team with enriching people.

Those who surround themselves with a team that does not endorse the plant, challenge to innovate or inspire new ventures have in Charlie’s eyes very bad conditions to build
a richer life.

To build a team around you also require that you are ready to give to
the team to make yourself worthy of being a part of team.


I find these 5 points very true and I hope this post will affect how you will think of your future.

I have listened to this man at a conference in Malmo here in Sweden and I do agree with his mindset to how we should think about our economy.

I can say like Charlie Soderberg says: ”I know exactly where I’m going and how it will feel when I get there.” How about you?

To Your Succes With A Smile. :)

Barbro Brithén

Här är länken till svenska versionen som finns på Charlie Söderbergs blogg
på balansekonomi. Charlies inlägg


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