A Foot Cream For Multi Use

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Do your feet ever feel like they’re on fire after a long, hard
day? This nourishing foot cream soothes tired, achy feet.
I buy this cream for $12.50.

Soothe and relax them using natural ingredients like Hawaiian ti plant extract (Cordyline terminalis), traditionally used by Polynesian firewalkers to absorb heat and cool and soothe the skin. This ethnobotanical foot cream also features babassu seed oil (Orbignya oleifera) to provide the perfect amount of moisturisation.

This so called foot cream I have used on different parts of my body. When I had rashes on my face I put it on in the evening and slept trough the night with it for a couple of nights and then they disappeared.

I have read that people that can feel the beneficials in their feet using this foot cream are nurses, flight attendants, presenters, food servers, retail salespeople and people who travel, hike, run, etc.

The cream is Safety-allergy-dermatologist tested. One of the ingredients are Hawaiian ti leaf (Cordyline terminalis). It is the large leaf of a tree found in the rainforests of the South Pacific. Historically, Polynesian fire walkers found the leaf to be a source of relief from the heat after they had walked across the fiery coals. It was used to cool and soothe the skin.

Another ingredient is Babassu seed oil (Orbignya oleifera) that is a botanical used for generations by the people of South America as a natural skin softener and moisturizer.

A donation of $0.25 of each product sold, in this series, goes to a special foundation that works as a force for good. It is a non-profit organisation committed to creating a better world for children by improving human life, continuing indigenous cultures and protecting fragile environments.

The essential ingredients in it are time-proven botanicals used by indigenous cultures. The company partnered with an ethnobotanist who studied and observed what various
indigenous cultures use to help relieve different conditions and cure certain diseases.

This ethnobotanist, Paul Alan Cox, PhD, is the man who originally identified prostratin, medicin against HIV, when he met native healers in Western Samoa, who used a tea made from Mamala bark to treat hepatitis. He actually wanted to find a cure for breast cancer when he first went with his whole family to live in the rainforest. He didn’t find that cure but he found this bark of the tree Mamala and that was a good thing too.

I know people that have had relief against eczema, minor burns and sunburns using this cream.

Personally I love using this cream. First of all it smells soooo good. I use it for both my feet and hands, when I have gotten rashes of different kinds and when I have gotten too sunburnt.

When my daughter was working as a barista at a coffee shop, She once burnt the entire top of her palm when she used a coffee machine. She called me instantly to ask me to bring this cream to the coffee shop. She applied it as soon as she could and she could feel a relief of the pain right away. She used it a couple of times each day for a few days and it healed just fine.

You can read more about the man behind this product line


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