Act Like A ”Smoker” And You Will Find The Time To Get Rich

5 Min Break

You start your day by the alarm clock and are stressed out already when you leave your home after having completed all the morning chores like breakfast, dressing kids and so on.

Then you leave your kids at daycare, you sit in traffic jam, deliver all day at work, pick up kids on your way home, cook dinner, drive your kids to different activities and on top of that you should implement social commitments.

While all these activities are going on we are connected and reachable.

Some people enjoy having full speed ahead, to have fun and enjoy living. But maybe you are one of those who already after some week after that your vacation has ended, have a battery that has gone from fully charged to half charged.

Have you ever taken the time to reflect over how you spend your time during your daily living? The people that gets burned out are often those who feel inadequate, who feel guilty when they take a brake.

One thing that is very common is that people that loves their jobs don’t think they are at risk for being burnt out. But the most passionate people often gets burned out.

Have you ever had the feeling, when you for instance are in your car that you suddenly don’t know where you are going?

Have you ever had difficulties in locking a door?

Do you have to go on your computer when your kids are in bed to make sure you don’t miss anything?

Do you go to work even if you are sick to get the job done?

Then the chance is that you won’t be successful.

We do many thing during our days but are we really efficient with our time? Do we do things that make a big difference or do we do everything but those things that really matters?

Think of if we are efficient just because we have lots of things to do, instead of doing the things that would make the biggest difference.

I read a summary of a book called ”The 80/20 Principle” by Richard Koch. What if 20% of our daily activities are efficient enough to make us reach our goals in life?

What if we can concentrate doing just those 20% of activities that matters?

Wouldn’t we have more time for recreation and reflection on our self and our family?

So, write down your goals.

Focus on doing activities that drives you closer to your goals. Always reflect on if the activity you are doing is efficient.

I try to take a break for five minutes every hour just like a smoker would do. During this break I breathe and contemplate.

Listen to advice, about what you can do to improve your activities, from people in your surrounding that you trust.


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