Belief – ”If You Are Skeptical And Pessimistic You Are Gutless!” – Tony Robbins


I have found out that when people are introduced to an opportunity of any kind, they often say: ”This thing has to prove it to me that it has any potential at all before I can believe in it.”

It takes no guts to be skeptical. It takes guts to believe in something. As the famous Tony Robbins said in a youtube-clip ”If you are skeptical and pessimistic you are gutless”. I think we limit ourselves when we are too skeptical.

You have the potential but you don’t have to know everything about something and maybe you don’t have all the skills required yet to be a megastar at it.

But you can believe in what you are doing and learn by doing instead, and get into action so you can receive results that can reinforce your belief.

The greater belief you have the more action you will take and the more results you will get and in that way you continously reinforce your belief.

Belief is crucial to your progress and success.


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