Dietary Supplements Does Not Replace A Varied Diet

Dietary Supplements
I read something today and which is really true. It was that dietary supplements do not replace a varied and healthy diet.

I know people who don’t like vegetables at all, and maybe they eat just a few fruits per week. People that say that they eat both vegetables and fruits can still have a low score of antioxidants in their bodies because of the quality of the products they eat is not the best. Dietary supplements are what they are, supplements, not a substitute for a healthy and varied diet.

Educate Yourself About Dietary Supplements

How much do you know about the dietary supplements you might be taking? Are they working for you? If you feel great, that is definitely good measurement, but do you also know if you get a good balance of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients?

It’s important to acquire knowledge about the dietary supplements you may be interested in eating. Therefore, before taking dietary supplements, I recommend you to search for information about the company that is producing them.

The interactions of herbs and drugs are very important to be aware of. If you are on medication and want to eat some kind of supplementation you should always ask your doctor about whether the dietary supplements you are interested in taking is going to interact with the medicines you’re taking.

Is it possible to measure the effect of the supplements in your body?

The company I work with provides us with a scanner, a noninvasive tool, we can use for free to measure the levels of carotenoids in the skin. Low levels of carotenoids may indicate oxidative stress in your body and also if your immune system is down.

The information derived from the measurement should only be considered as a part of an overall, well-rounded approach to good health practices and is not intended to provide a comprehensive analysis of an individual’s nutritional status.

By simply placing your hand in front of the scanner’s blue light, you receive a score that will empower you to make improvements to your antioxidant health through nutrition and supplementation.

People’s motivation grows as they watch their scores rise while taking this dietary supplement and making necessary diet and lifestyle changes.

People who scan themselves and start to eat the basic supplements of ours get to re-scan after three months to find out if their scores increase. If not, they will get all the money back from our company. That is a guarantee.

I’ve never experienced that a person has not increased their score that I’ve scanned.

Look out for blogpost in the future where I’ll write some interesting facts on what oxidative stress is and how it affected my body, even when I ate my dietary supplements.


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