Dr. Mark Bartlett About Micronutrients And Macronutrients

Dr. Mark Bartlett Citat

One of the scientists in the company I work
with, Dr. Mark Bartlett, came from Australia
to USA to work for the cancer-institute.

His expertise is in immunology and cell-biology.
Now he has been working for the this company
for seventeen years. I listened to some interviews
with this man and got some interesting facts that I will share with you here on my blog now and then.

On the question “How many scientists are behind the product-line, in research
and development?” Dr. Mark Bartlett answers that there is about 30 PhD:s and another
70 different other scientists that are working in the labs, doing the chemistry
and doing the quality control.

They have developed a gene-chip to work with gene-expression to be able to decide
how the nutritional elements that we eat can affect the way that we age.

One experiment, with this gene-chip technology, can measure the gene-expression
pattern of all 25 000 genes of the human body.

Do We Need Supplements?

Even though we live in modern countries many of us are still marginally deficient
in many of the basic nutrients. The WHO has written a list of all of the basic
nutrients that we need. There are about 40 micronutrients that humans need.

Micronutrients are nutrients required throughout life in small quantities to
orchestrate a range of physiological functions. We also need the macronutrients,
proteins, fat and carbohydrates.

If you have got a car and you only have money to fill up the gas you are able to
get from point A to B and you can keep the outside of the car clean. But if you
are not doing the maintenance that you need, the oil, the tune-ups, cleaning the
air-filter, all of those things, eventually that car is going to “die” young.

Your body does the same thing. When your body is faced with a marginally deficiency,
your body is going to use the nutrients it gets to keep you alive today, getting you
through the day, running back and forth to work.

But in the long term, this is at the expense of long-term longevity and health as
you age. We have to make sure we get not just 80 percent, but 100 percent of the
nutrients we need.

Are My Supplements Safe?

One of the issues for my family and me, in the nutrition supplement area, is the
idea of safety.

  • What am I putting into my body?
  • What is it going to do to me?
  • How do I really know if it is beneficial or not?
  • We are talking about supplements that you eat your whole life. Of course you want
    to be able to feel comfortable giving it to your family, your grandmother and your

    You want to know that the producer make sure that there are no harmful ingredients
    in the supplements, such as for example, pesticides, heavy metals and other impurities.
    That is why Dr. Mark Bartlett works with so many scientists in the labs, both in
    the U.S. and in Asia to make sure of this. You want to be sure of that what is in
    the product is on the label.

    According to Dr. Mark Bartlett there is a lot of false information around that this
    industry is not regulated. But in the U.S., our company is regulated by the FDA
    (Food and Drug Administration) and Dr. Mark Bartlett says they have been self-regulated
    long before they became regulated by the government. Every country around the world
    has it’s own regulations.

    I think it feels good knowing so much about the supplements me and my family are eating.
    I have total trust with my business partner and the science behind the products.

    I feel energized, strong and healthy every day I wake up, ready for a new exciting


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