Find Your ‘Why’ To Follow Through

Do you have your WHY in place for the goals you set up?

I believe the most important thing when it comes to follow through things you have set up for yourself to do, is to have your WHY in place.

I was doing research on internet when I stumbled upon a TED-talk on Youtube with a man called Simon Sinek. He is the author of a book called ”Start With Why” and he had some really interesting things to say about our WHY.

One thing he said was:People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. and it is so true.

I want to encourage you to watch this video because it is about why you should start with your WHY.

The drawing below that he does is really interesting when you think of which category the person in front of you, who you want to share something with, may belong to.

Adapt Curve for New Things

I couldn’t help listening some more to this guy to hear more of what he has to tell us.

When you work with something you believe in – it’s called passion.

When you work with something you don’t believe in – it’s called stress.

Can We Impact Our Kids Coming Home From A Job We Don’t like?

According to a survey Simon Sinek referred to, 90% of the people is unfulfilled by what they work with at the end of the day. Working parents who come home late, even though they may feel guilty, the negative impact that have on raising their children is minimal.

People who come home unhappy because of a job they don’t like, are more likely to have kids that become bullies at school.

There is a bullying epidemic going on in America right now where kids are committing suicide because of bullies at school. Half the solution has nothing to do with the kids but to do with whether the parents are going home happy.

Which means that companies and co-operations in America actually have a responsibility for fixing the bullying problem there.

Interesting aspect.

Why is it so important to start with your WHY?

Those who do it
-tend to go home more fulfilled
-tend to be more inspired when they wake up in the morning.
-have the capacity to inspire those around them
-have the ability to inspire people to want to come to their aid when they
 least expect it and sometimes when they most need it.

We help each other and surround ourselves and are drawn to people who do something whether it is in words or in actions that feel right to us that help us advance our own cause.

Why is it so difficult to start with WHY?
1. It is hard to measure, like passion, joy, culture, happiness, motivation.
   Numbers are easy to measure.
2. It requires courage.

How do you measure a leader or a CEO from how far in the future he can see?

Great CEO:s are driven by their vision and mission first and the profits will
prove it later.

Weak CEO:s are driven by profits first.

Profit is a result and it comes at the end.

The discovery process of your why start in your passed. Go backwards. What have you worked on? What projects did you like to be a part of?

Passion is a result like profit. If you invest in things that you believe in
and the outcome helps advance that cause, that hard work that you put in is called passion.

Passion is a feeling you get as a result of being a part of something you believe in. I am passionate because I have pointed myself in a direction of something I believe in.

Start with your why allows you to feel passion.

Let’s just preach what we believe and those who believe what we believe will preach what we believe as well, because we provide a tool and language to help them communicate their beliefs.

How do you get others to believe in your WHY? – You don’t.

It’s not about convincing people. Convincing takes a rational argument and
though someone made me convinced their loyalty, belief and faith in you are not conditional on that rational case you make.

In fact, most of the things we do that we believe in are completely irrational. Like starting your own business where you’re going to cut your salary and work harder and the chance of failure is over 90%. We are driven by passion.

Weak companies are those where both the founder and the early employees want to get rich. They should do it on a common cause instead to be strong.

Help people to become leaders and serve them.

Finally Simon Sinek wants us to ask the question:
How can I help you to work at your best?

My thoughts about ”WHY”:s in different situations

If you are under water for a very long time you soon want to get up above the surface to get some air. Your WHY then is pretty simple: You want to breathe.

If you are hungry you cook a meal or you go to a place where you can buy a meal of some kind because your WHY is that you feel hunger and want to eat.

Those examples come rather natural, of course. When it comes to setting a goal to achieve something that lies outside of your comfort-zone it’s quite a different thing.

It is about how bad do you want to achieve your goal?

Maybe you want to start your own business because you don’t want to have a boss. How bad do you want to get rid of your ”boss”?

Do you want it bad enough to be able to work extra hours after your regular working hours? Let’s say five hours more every weekday.

Do you want it bad enough to decide not to go partying with your friends every weekend to be able to save up some money to spend on your education or investing in your own business?

Do you want it bad enough to not watch any soap-operas for the next 6 month to build on your foundation in your new company?

If you are young and dream about becoming a professional in some kind of sport you are passionate about. How bad do you want to achieve that goal? Is your Why big enough to be able to practice on a Saturday morning when your friends are still in bed after a night out? Do you want it to become famous, to make a living of your passion or do you want it to prove someone wrong?

If you want it bad enough, I believe, you will pursue and you will have the patience and persistency to follow through.

I know a man that smoked a lot since he was a teenager and he tried to stop several times using different methods and he always failed to quit smoking. But one day he had some kind of cardiac arrhythmia and needed treatment with the defibrillator. The pain he suffered during this treatment he got when he was wide awake triggered him to quit smoking. I never wanted to experience that pain in his life again and that became his big ”WHY” to quit smoking.

He new all about the negative impacts that smoking could have to his health but since he was feeling fine that didn’t motivate him to quit.

The brain works in mysterious ways.

A thing that can trigger one person to do something is not motivating enough to another person.

Do what you got to do now, so you can do what you want to do later” – Denzel Washington


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