Free Radicals And Oxidative Stress

Free Radicals And Oxidative stress

Put your hand in front of the scanner’s blue light and you will get a score.

What is free radicals and oxidative stress?

Your body constantly reacts with oxygen as you breathe and your cells produce
energy. Reactive molecules, known as free radicals, are produced during this activity.

Free radicals interact with other molecules within cells. This can cause oxidative
damage to proteins, membranes and genes. It is called oxidative stress.

It is a silent process like when you peel a banana, it will soon turn brown due
to oxidation. When you open an apple it turns brown as well, but if you put some
lemon-juice on these fruits the antioxidant effect will prevent them from turning

See pictures below what free radicals can do to an apple:

Free Radicals and lemon juice

One of these halves of an apple has lemon juice on it.

Free Radicals damage after 30 min

30 minutes later you can see which half that has lemon juice on it.

Oxidative damage has been implicated in the cause of many diseases like atherosclerosis
and cancer, which are the two biggest killers in the western civilization. We need to start
looking at our dietary intake, exercise and selective supplementation to be able to
optimize our health.

A healthy level of carotenoids in our bodies is likely to prevent, delay or impede
some of the mentioned diseases. The noninvasive tool that can be used enables us to
make a very accurate measure through the skin non-invasively to reflect what is in
our blood serum.

An epidemiologically study that was published in the American Medical Association
Journal, March 28th 2011, demonstrates the direct relation between the serum-carotenoids
levels and the risk of death from cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Fight Free Radicals With Antioxidants

My score at the moment is 63.000.

In Dr. Oz Show last year, 2012, Dr. Mehmet Oz measured the skin-carotenoids of the
audience, that is a cross-section of America. 80-90% were deficient in their

The supplements I eat provides the proper amount of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants
and phytonutrients together with fish oils which have an advanced delivery system that
enhances the bio-absorption of the supplements.

Therefore the supplements are not going from my mouth and through my body without
any relationship to my cells. The supplements are being properly absorbed and providing
my cells with the proper nutrients and cofactors for ideal function.

There seem to be so much clutter out there, in terms of the information that is widely
available about the requirements or the benefits of supplementation.

Did my stressful life cause too much free radicals in my body?

I had a lot of stress in my life a couple of years ago and I ate my supplements, but
my carotenoid score did not increase the way I expected so my conclusion is that my
body obviously was suffering from oxidative stress because of the stressful life I
was living.

My score by then was nevertheless a lot higher than the cross-section of America.
The last two years I have had the opportunity to have less stress in my life and
my carotenoid score has increased by 60 % now.

Free Radicals explained:
Free Radicals

If one or more electrons are deprived of the nucleus in a reaction it loses its
balance between positive and negative electrical charges. It then becomes unstable,
prone to react with other atoms to regain its balance again with the right number
of electrons around.

This gives the imbalance of other atoms and you get a chain reaction of free radicals.
Antioxidants are known as substances that can restore the balance and render stability,
and can break the chain.

I made the decision to start eating the dietary supplements I eat because I got
aware of the prevention impact it can have on my health from now and years ahead.
Now I don’t feel any stress when it comes to what my family and I eat. Before, I
asked myself constantly: ”Have we eaten enough carrots, spinach and broccoli lately?”.

Just by making this decision I have, most certainly, decreased the level of free
radicals in my body. I have done research on many other supplement-companies,
trying to find decent facts about the science they use when developing their
products. I must say that I have not been impressed by any of the other
companies out there.

My conclusion is that I feel totally safe with the supplements I take. I will not
switch to another brand unless someone can convince me, of that another brand is
more safe and efficient. I will continue to fight free radicals with this brand.

If you are interested in the brand of my supplements just go to the folder ‘Contact’
and write me a message and I will gladly share this information with you. You see,
I respect the company’s policy not to share the brands we work with online.

Soon I will write a blogpost about what a scientist by the name Dr. Mark Batlett
say about if we really need supplements, so have your eyes open for it.

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