Generation Y Sharing Their Goals And Dreams

Goals and Dreams

This picture is of my second grandchild’s foot, who was born in August this year, 2013.

When I came home from the gym the other day my daughter was doing an interview, about goals and dreams, with a business colleague of us who is about the same age as my daughter Hannie.

The reason Hannie wanted to do the interview was something this girl said in a meeting, a couple of weeks ago, and it really touched our hearts and we sat there in the audience with our eyes filled with tears.

When I talk about setting goals with people in around my age, in generation X, I often hear that they want to spend more time with their kids that they already have. But talking goals with younger people, generation X, is not very often about how much time they want to spend with their future kids.

Most young people dream about nice cars and big houses, and this girl did that at first but she changed her mind.

Revise Goals and Dreams

Click on this link: to watch the video of the
interview and learn how a temporary job at a kindergarten made a twenty-one years old girl to revise her goals and dreams.


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