Goals Written Down Are Not Enough

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”When we see the opportunity of network marketing all of a sudden we start
seeing the world differently, we start thinking differently, we start acting
differently and it really threatens the people around us. It threatens the
people who don’t understand or are still blind to the opportunity.

It can be difficult sometimes to go against the stream all the time, go against
the traffic all the time, go against consensus and what everybody else thinks
all the time. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t right. It’s right for you to face
your future and your dreams with determination. It’s right for you to be able
to stay on this path and help other people to get on theirs.” – Eric Worre

I listened to a webinar with Eric Worre in Network Marketing Pro this morning.
He tought us about how to get radical results. He means that you’ve got to have
three components to get that.

– Written Goals
– A Serious Game Plan
– New Habits

Written Goals

Goals should be written down in short term and long term. They should be in
three, six, ten, twelve and maybe 18 months goals. Long term goals pull you in
the right direction.

Written goals should provide:

  • Direction
  • Focus on end results
  • Work (Drive you to work towards your goals)
  • Intentions you have with your goals
  • Examples of Network Marketing Goals:

  • Rank (Stretch to something crazy)
  • Income (Belief, can only be accomplished by helping other people)  -”This is a Belief-game”
  • Life Change Goal
        – Fire your boss
        – Give your spouse the opportunity to be home more
        – To retire your parents
        – To move to a new city
  • Debt
        – Reduction
        – Elimination
  • Stuff
        – That particular car
        – That special vacation
        – That house
  • Giving Back
        – Donate money to something
        – Donate your time to something
  • Become a powerful presenter
  • Number of Active Strategic Partners
  • Number of Active Customers
  • Number of Participants To a Convention
  • Number of Personal recruits
  • Game Plan

  • Strategy
  • Process (What are you going to do to be able to reach these goals)
  • Burst + Consistency (Continue to work even when you get into momentum)
  • Activities
  • Calendar
  • Associations (Who you spend time with)
        – Protect yourself from negativity
        – Feed yourself with positive energy (Books, Audios, People)
  • Create Culture Oriented Things
  • Habits

  • Long Term
  • Consistency
  • Habits

    I think that the ability to improve habits or to start new habits is crucial for long term success.


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