Home Based Business – 5 Good Basic Criteria For Best Choice

Home Based Business

When I chose to start my home based business and
partner up with the company I work with I had no
clue what to look for. I only had my gut-feeling
that this was a great opportunity for me to get
involved with, so I did right away.

I have learned by doing since I started and I have
never been disappointed so far. The more I learn
about this company and how I can create an income
generating asset, the more impressed I get.

This is really a journey I am doing, in personal development and I have strategic
partners that do the same.

Today I found a post on my Facebook that Network Marketing Pro, Eric Worre, have
written about what basic criteria you should look for when you want to choose the
company you want to partner up with to start with your home based business.
You can check Eric Worre out here.

Reading that gave me even more confidence that I have chosen the right company to
partner up with. He doesn’t want to make recommendations which company to choose
but he writes 5 good basic criteria for picking a company to start your home based
business with. I can set check in front of everyone of them.

5 Good Basic Criteria For Best Choice of Home Based Business

Here they are in his words:

1. The company ownership. I’ve found the CEO and/or owner is the most important factor in any business. If you have a good one with a good mind and good heart, that will solve almost any problem. A good leader will always find a way to create a great opportunity for you. If you have a bad leader, it doesn’t matter how good the product or compensation plan is, they will find a way to mess it up

2. The product. Is there a need for the product? Does the company’s product meet that need? Is it competitively priced in the marketplace? Is there enough margin so the field and the company can thrive long term? Most of all, do you LOVE IT? If you don’t love it, you shouldn’t do it.

3. The financial opportunity. I don’t think one comp plan is vastly superior to another, even though everyone likes to say there plan is best. There are dominant companies with breakaway plans, Uni-level plans, Binary plans, even forced Matrix plans. Today everyone seems to be a hybrid of all of the above. See if other people in the company are enjoying the level of success that you are looking for. If they are, then you should be fine.

4. Support structure. This is less important for strong leaders who can create their own culture, systems, training, events and tools, but for the lesser experienced, a good solid support system is very important. Are there good tools available? Are there events you can plug into? Is there a good communication platform that will keep you in the loop? If you’ve followed me for some time, you’ll know I don’t think your upline is a factor in your long-term success. You should always consider yourself front-line to the company, at least in your mind, and act accordingly.

5. Timing. Yes timing is important, but it’s not the only factor. On one side you’ll have stability with mature companies. On the other side you have the newness and excitement of a new company. I can make a good case for both.”

Eric Worre points out that even though every company has difficulties and different
challenges, he has never witnessed a better time to get involved in Home Based Business
and make it a profession than right now.


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