How To Become Unconsciously Competent

Unconsciously Competent

– Learning is a process of time.

When you have been introduced to a business opportunity and want to start
building your business most of you first get into this phase:
UI = Unconsciously Incompetent

Now you think that this is going to be easy. You just have to get 12 to 15 people
involved. Another example is when you will learn how to drive. When it’s time for
you to begin to drive you think it’s going to be easy because you have seen your
parents drive. You are unconsciously aware of your

CI = Consciously Incompetent
In this fase you feel like:
”I don’t know what I’m doing”. You stumble on obstacles and can get discouraged.
This is the fase where most people quit in network marketing. Don’t quit.
Get some personalized coaching from the person who introduced you or someone
more experienced in the team you are working with.

First time behind the wheel of the car, you sit there and you realize that you don’t
know how to get the car to move.

CC = Consciously Competent
Now you start to know what to do and learn the skills needed to move the process
forward. But, you still feel a little insecure and tense when you do it.

In the process in learning how to drive you get concious about every thing you
need to do to be able to move the car in different directions. You think about
them consciously all the time. You are starting to get a hang of it but you think
about rear mirror, left mirror, clutch, third gear, fourth gear and so on.

With practice you will move yourself from CC to UC.

UC = Unconsciously Competent
This is where you just do your business without thinking so much.
You are on ”autopilot”.

It’s like you surely have experienced sometime, you have driven from point A to
point B without knowing how you got there.

If you are persistent enough you will get through all of these phases to end up in
the last phase; Unconsciously Competent, which is the phase you should aim for.
Practice, work with your coaches, read good books, listen to good music, listen to
great webinars and feed your mind with the right stuff and positive information.
Always ask yourself: ”What went well?” and ”What could I have done better?”

Make improvements every single day and you will become Unconsciously Competent.


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