My 3 Favorite Dietary Supplements


If you are anything like me you have felt lost in the jungle of supplements out there?

You have asked yourself: ”What supplements can I eat that are safe, have the best
science behind them and will be beneficial to me?”. I must admit that I didn’t take
the time to do the necessary research to find the answers to these questions.

I have, from time to time in the passed, bought different kinds of dietary supplements
when I have felt that my body or mind needed it.

It was sometimes vitamins and minerals and some other time it could be personal
recommended supplements of some kind of root to help you deal with for instance a
depressed and stressed mood.

I must say that I have never felt that it really helped me. Not even the placebo-effect
worked on me. I am pretty hard to convince.

When I was introduced to the supplement I am eating now I wasn’t sure whether I should
start taking them or not. My caroteniod-score wasn’t that bad but it wasn’t great either.

Then a man told me that he started to sleep so well after he had been taking those
supplements and since I have always have slept poorly. I also got the facts about the
science behind them and facts about the company that convinced me to give it a chance.

Supplements for a good sleep?

Mind my words when I tell you that after about two weeks I slept the whole night through
and woke up in the morning before the alarm-clock went on. I couldn’t believe it.
It was so amazing to be able to get some good sleep. I was eating four capsules of Omega-3,
made out of krill-oil, and eight tablets with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in them.

I have never stopped eating them since then. Now I have learned so much about supplements
so I understand that I should also take them to prevent illness too, in the long run, to
avoid cardiovascular deseases and cancer. If I can avoid the need of taking medicines because
of the lifestyle choice I make by eating my supplements, I think it’s awesome.

Vitality Declines With Age
As we age, our bodies’ ability to effectively generate and utilize energy declines,
which may rob us of youthful vitality.

When you haven’t met a friend in a long long time and ask the friend how he or she
is doing, the answer is often something like ”I’m just fine but you know, I can feel
the years taking its toll.” or ”I’m good but I don’t have the same energetic level
as I used to have when I was younger”.

Loss of vitality is one of the first signs of “feeling older” that people notice.
A lot of people are concerned about their energy and stamina levels.
As we age our ability to concentrate decline, from age 30 to 60.

What would you do with more Vitality?

A year ago I started to eat the first supplements that is developed by looking at
gene-expression and it’s of the same brand as my basic supplements. I take six
tablets in the morning and two before I go to bed.

The day-tablets improve my mental health and physical health because they affect the
mitocondrias, the ”battery”, in my cells. These supplements, simply put, energizes me
through the day.

The mitochondria’s are concentrated in our heart, brain and muscles.

The night-tablets help my body with the cleaning process of my cells during the night.

My daughter Hannie, who is twenty years old, is also taking all of those supplements.
She takes the gene-expression supplements even though she is not that old yet and she
feels it is beneficial to her health and energy. By taking them now she prevents the
feeling of energy loss while aging.

So, now I have told you about my basic supplements which I will never stop taking in
my efforts to prevent declined health.

One thought on “My 3 Favorite Dietary Supplements

  • 26 november, 2013 at 17:29

    I eat the same supplements as you and can only agree. The best! And I’ve tried a lot. I mean A LOT! Did not have the same kind of sleeping problem as you. Actually slept quite well, and yet the way I sleep now is soo much deeper and fulfilling.
    Will continue forever! :-)



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