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Today I want to write something about the scientists and science behind the company I work with – my business partner in the U.S. We are not allowed to use our business partners name on personal websites, and I respect that, so I will refer to my business partner as CompanyNSE. We work with real products, with real patents, with real science that really makes a difference, you can’t find any place else.

We have 4 laboratories, Utah, Wisconsin, Shanghai and Beijing. A question you might ask yourself is why do we have two labs in China?

It’s because we can conduct human clinical trials at the tenth of the cost of doing those trials in the U.S. So, we can take a pretty significant research & development budget every year and stretch that budget 10 times and when we bring it to the U.S. and do a study we already know the outcome.

It’s a secret R&D weapon that most companies don’t have and don’t understand which helps us get more productivity out of every dollar. It is a powerful thing.

All these scientists do everyday is push the envelope of anti aging. They search for the next thing, the next breakthrough.

CompanyNSE has 80 scientists on staff. Given that they have gone to hundreds of universities along with thousands of colleagues, who now work at other research institutions around the world, then you have a significant scientific reach. These scientists find out about most major new things before anybody really knows about them.

If we don’t invent it internally we are not afraid to buy it and we’ve got $400 millions of cash in the bank today. We call that ”dry powder” so when we have to strike we can strike and just go and buy it. We have a history of doing that.

We have made a lot of acquisitions, but 4 notable ones. One is a nutritional supplement company, a $135 millions acquisition, that has become the foundation of our nutritional anti aging process inside this company. About two years ago we bought another scientific company because of two very unique molecules they’ve invented that slow down the wrinkling process in the skin. This technology Will be in future products. Number three is a company in Wisconsin, that has 24 patents in aging science and over thirty years of research within aging.

Number 4 is the scanner I have written about before here in my blog which they bought from a U.S. research university ten years ago. Five international patents protects that technology. CompanyNSE has now invested more than $100 millions into that technology. We are the only company in the world that can measure antioxidants-status in real time in living human tissue. No one else in the world can do that.

That gives us a very huge advantage in the world of human supplementation. I have heard one of the leaders in CompanyNSE say that ”Because of that technology, we are in the process of consolidating the thirty billion dollar supplement industry globally because we’re the only ones who know if products work in human tissue.”

Scanner range

We have now scanned more than 18 million people globally with this technology. We have the largest nutritional database in the world now by the factor of fifty times larger than the next nearest database which is housed of Harvard university. We know more at CompanyNSE about human nutrition on a global basis than anybody else on this planet. That allows us to make better and better products moving forward.

What is the most common score when people get scanned?

About 20.000 is the score most people get on the scanner the first time and that is really close to the red zone. What does that mean? It means you might be in trouble when it comes to your antioxidant-protection of your body.

Why do you want a high score on the scanner to show that you have high concentration of antioxidants in your tissue? The answer is that it slows down free radical damage of the tissues in your body.

How many free radicals attacks every day are we exposed to?

60 trillions of free radicals attacks on the tissue of your body every day.

They are not all the same. Some of them do different kinds of damage to different kinds of tissues. Some work on your skin, like the sun. Some of the free radicals will try to mutate your DNA. Some of them attack the cholesterol in your bloodstream to make it sticky, so it sticks to your arteries walls.

Some of them attack your eyes. In the back of your eye there is the yellow spot, the macula. The reason it’s yellow is that it has got antioxidants pigments embedded in it. If you don’t have enough levels of protection embedded back in your eyes you will get age-related macular degeneration of the retina and you will loose your centre vision.

This is a huge problem for people over age seventy. The only known prevention is high levels of antioxidants. If people don’t eat organic vegetables and fruits they can’t reach a high score of antioxidants because of bad quality of the fruits and vegetables. I don’t trust organic food completely but the chance is higher to get better quality if you buy organic, especially if you buy directly from the farmer.

Where do these free radicals come from?

You can read more about free radicals and oxidative stress here.

In the middle of the summer you park your car in a parkinglot a warm day when you go for lunch. When you come back it is 90 to 100 degrees in your car. Everything in your car is synthetic, the steering wheel, the carpets, the seats and when you get back from lunch you suck in it.

Radiation from your microwave and your cellphone is hard to escape from so you have to defend against those free radicals by keeping your antioxidant level high.

Now you know about free radical damage to your body and you know how to prevent it.

If you get this score in a good range you will probably avoid all the other bad scores you can get at a medical examination the rest of your lives.

If you were the person who invented cholesterol measurement and you owned all the patents on it and you licensed that world wide. How many cholesterol measurements are done every day on this planet? Millions. Would you be a rich person if you owned all those patents? Yes you would. But nobody does. Nobody controls cholesterol measurements.

But we control antioxidants measurements completely.

Normally these kind of things don’t end up in a network marketing company. They end up with someone like Ericssons or similar companies.

Finally, take good care of your health, both short term and long term, by making sure you have a good antioxidant protection in your body.


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