Online Presence Is Another Tool In My Toolbox

Online Presence

What gave me the courage to finally have an Online Presence.

For a long time I was thinking about branding myself on internet to create
an extra tool in my toolbox to use in building up my MLM-business.

I have a membership in a world class mentoring program. In there, you get guidance
step by step on how to build up your marketing funnel. It’s so interesting and
there is a lot to learn in building a website, that’s for sure.

I’ve had online presence in my head for quite a long time since I’ve been
working as a programmer for years.

This mentoring program is designed in a way to minimize or avoid the confusion you
can get when you have new skills to learn.

Benefits with having mentors when creating your Online Presence:

  • You get mentors that you can ask questions daily.
  • You get personal handholding, support and mentorship.
  • You get daily accountability through private community
  • You get monthly webinars, guest experts and ongoing traffic and leadership training
  • You get the possibility to use blueprints & systems to build any opportunity or small business
  • You get the possibility to get feedback from teachers and other successful online marketers.
  • Below is an interesting article written by a man called Eric Walker who is one
    of the coaches in this program. He writes about how you should start with all your
    fear. It’s not going away.

    Are you thinking about having an online presence? Do YOU dare to start? Presence


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