RAS – Reprogram Your Mind

RAS Jag vid stranden


What does RAS stands for?

Reticular Activating System

Did you know that you have a system like this? All of us have it.

The RAS sets the subconscious on fire. It sorts and categorize the millions of ideas and the information that we are exposed to so we’re not overloaded. The RAS will bring to your attention what you are looking for or what you are interested in.

You can do this test. Count the number of red objects in the room you are in for 10 seconds. After you have done that I want you to answer the question:
How many blue objects are there in the room?

The RAS is focusing only on the RED objects and it filters out all the other objects. It’s looking for the things that you ask it to look for. We become what we think about.

When you’re in a crowded restaurant you just hear a lot of bla, bla, bla around you. All of a sudden someone says your company name and you pick up that word because your RAS is focusing on it.

When a woman is pregnant she sees a lot of pregnant women wherever she goes because she is focusing on her own pregnancy.

Actively set your RAS ”filter” by visualization and repetition of the things you want, otherwise your RAS will be randomly set by what is stored from years ago, the environment or other people.


RAS minus plus

From a conscious thread of an idea you can manifest your idea into reality through your RAS programming. When you set goals and keep them on ”top of your mind” then your RAS is constantly looking for ways to manifest your visualization into reality.

The most powerful universal principle in changing your life is THE LAW OF ATTRACTION.


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