Why Is It Always About Weight loss Instead Of Body shape?

Weight Loss vs. Body Shape

My daughter Hannie is trying to teach me how to take pictures from different angles and lights and she has given me the mission to take at least one picture a day for her to review and evaluate. This is a picture I took yesterday of myself at the gym. Hannie approved this picture and I think it’s appropriate to this blogpost about body shape.

How much of the weight loss are muscles?

Wherever I read a headline on a newspaper, magazine or different websites it’s most often about how much weight they have lost when dieting. I think that is so wrong. Often people don’t understand that they lose muscles also when they are dieting because the nature is the ”boss” and makes our body’s calorie burning engine slow down when it is put into starvation mode in one way or another.

The amount of muscles decide how well your body burns calories. I have never had an ideal weight. I have always tried to focus on my body shape instead. During period of my life when I haven’t been able to prioritize my workouts I have never gain weight. Instead I have lost a couple of pounds and that is because of muscle loss.

Always when I start to workout I gain weight instead of losing it so it is important for me to take measures of myself instead of weighing myself. To workout and to lift some weights is a perfect anti aging activity. My goal is to do an activity like this once a day but I work hard at the gym several times a week. I often go there together with my daughter Hannie.

One thought on “Why Is It Always About Weight loss Instead Of Body shape?

  • 11 oktober, 2013 at 12:39

    Good points! I never had a scale as weight is not something to strive for, especially now when the body is changing due to perimenopausal reasons. Feeling strong, flexible and comfortable is the way to go.



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